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As experts in mobility furniture, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to occupy your mind when you suffer from illness aches and pains. Here are 7 brilliant, relaxing activities you can do from the comfort of your riser recliner chair! Take a look. 

Any Time Is Snooze Time

6 Brilliant Ways To Relax In Your Riser Recliner Chair

Our comfortable riser recliner chairs enable you to have a peaceful snooze at any time of the day.

When you’re feeling sleepy and fancy a snooze, simply adjust the chair’s back at a simple push of a button! One simple touch of the control will lift you back with no strain or effort required.

For extra comfort, you can also raise your legs. Our chairs are all sized to fit your specific legs to keep you comfortable and supported at all times. 

Relax Your Muscles With A Massage

Our optional heat and massage system will allow you to relax at any time of the day!

Choose from a full, sensual massage or concentrate on one of these five areas: shoulders, back, buttocks, upper legs or lower legs.

You can turn the massage system at the simple touch of a button. You can also adjust the speed and intensity to suit your preferences! What a way to relax those muscles! 

Get Lost In A Book

6 Brilliant Ways To Relax In Your Riser Recliner Chair

Get lost in your favourite book at any time of day with a built-in reading light! This will help you to see and focus better, even at night time!

You can even add a side storage pocket to your Rising Recliner chair, where you can store and access all of your favourite books and magazines with ease!

Spend Hours Surfing The Web

6 Brilliant Ways To Relax In Your Riser Recliner Chair

Why not get lost in the world of the wide web from the comfort of your Riser Recliner chair? Catch up with family on social media, or spend time browsing the web and playing your favourite games!

Our 3 in 1 tray table* is the perfect optional addition for the tech savvy, with four key features:

      Tray table – to balance your device while you browse

      USB Port – to easily charge your devices without having to leave your seat

         Wireless Charger – to help you charge your device without needing to use any wires 

     *available on selected recliners only. 

Get Down To The Knitty Gritty

6 Brilliant Ways To Relax In Your Riser Recliner Chair

There’s nothing more relaxing than knitting up some masterpieces, right? So sit back, relax and get your wool out! 

 An optional side pocket is the perfect place to store all of your bundles of wool too! 

Re-Live Your Youth Through Music

6 Brilliant Ways To Relax In Your Riser Recliner Chair

There’s nothing more therapeutic than putting your headphones on and taking a trip down memory lane, listening to all of the songs you used to love when you were younger! What song will you listen to first?! 

Our Riser Recliner Chairs

Our riser recliner chairs make both sitting and standing easy and effortless. Relax in 4 positions: sitting, feet up, reclining or rising. Our riser recliner chairs even enable you to raise to your feet at the simple touch of a button, relieving strain from your knees and hips, and offering support to your lower legs, feet and ankles. 


6 Brilliant Ways To Relax In Your Riser Recliner Chair

Optional Extras

All of our recliners come with optional accessories including: 

  • 3-in-1 tray table
  • Reading light 
  • Heat and massage system 
  • Extended footrest
  • Handy side pocket
All of these optional extras allow you to personalize your brand new, riser recliner chair to exactly how you’d like it! 

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