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5 Things To Consider When Choosing a New Riser Recliner

With so many options to choose from, we recognise that choosing a new riser recliner can be quite a daunting task. We’ve been hand-crafting furniture here at The Recliner Factory for over 20 years now. Helping 1000’s of customers like you to relax in a new recliner and enjoy a great quality of life.To help make this process as easy as possible for you, we’ve put together 5 useful things to consider when choosing a new riser recliner:

1. Single or Dual Motor?

Choosing a new riser recliner- single or dual motor?

One of the first things you should consider is the type of riser recliner chair you need. They usually come in a choice of 2 options:

Single motor system

A single motor system is operated by one motor which controls all of the electric functions on the chair. This means the back rest, foot rest and riser functions move in unison. 

Dual motor system

A dual motor system option allows independent operation of the seat and leg section. This gives you more variation in your access to different positions.

2. Measurements

Consider the measurements when choosing a new riser recliner

When choosing a new riser recliner the correct seat depth, height, width and foot rest position are all vital to your comfort.

A correctly fitting riser recliner ensures that you maintain a supportive and comfy posture for the duration of the time you are sat down.  

All of our riser recliners are available in a choice of five sizes – Petite,Standard, Petite with Standard width, Grand, and Grand with Petite width. This ensures that you are sitting in the most comfortable position for your specific needs and requirements.

3. Style

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a New Riser Recliner

Your new riser recliner will be the focal point of your living room, so it’s important that you choose the correct style:

  • The pattern and colour of your new recliner should compliment your existing furniture and decor
  • Different back styles provide different levels of support. Opt for a waterfall back if you prefer more support
  • Arm rests– You will also need to consider the type of arm rest for your riser recliner which can range from traditional, scrolled or wooden finished

4. Choice of Accessories 

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a New Riser Recliner

You’ve gone through the process of choosing a new riser recliner…now you may want to think about adding some optional extras which can really make your life easier. 

With the addition of a handy reading light or flexible tray table your comfort and relaxation is taken to another level.

5. Can You Try Before You Buy? 

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a New Riser Recliner

As your new recliner will be a place where you sit for long periods of time, we’d always recommend trying before you buy. Then, once you’ve found the perfect chair for you, you can order it from wherever offers you the best quality and value for money. 

Remember, with The Recliner Factory you can try a recliner in the comfort of your own home before making any choices. Wherever you are in the UK, one of our trained, nationwide specialists will call by appointment. You can try the various recliner positions, see how easily the riser function lifts you to your feet, even enjoy a relaxing massage! If you would like a friend or family member with you that is fine by us – in fact, we encourage it.

What Do I Do Next?

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