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How Do Riser Recliner Chairs Work?

Riser recliner chairs (also known as rise and reclining chairs or electric recliner chairs) work by a rising and reclining action inside the chair which helps you to sit down and stand up with ease.

At The Recliner Factory, all of our riser recliners come equipped with a simple hand held control. This allows you to adjust your chair to a position that suits you best, from reclining to fully risen.

Most importantly, our lift and recline action is one of the best available. Some cheaper models often have a scissor action which means they have one weight-load point, making the recliner less stable. Our riser recliners spread weight evenly across a platform, ensuring optimum stability and maximising your comfort.

Riser recliners offer many advantages to standard chairs. The rising action allows you to raise your feet safely and easily, without putting too much pressure on your joints. The reclining action allows you to get into the optimum position of comfort. This can help alleviate the pain from certain medical problems, especially if you are sat down for long periods of time, as you can easily adjust your position.

So, how does a riser recliner work?

RisingHow do riser recliner chairs work? Rising

Our electric riser chairs lift you effortlessly to your feet avoiding any strain on your arms, hips or legs – indispensable for the elderly or for those of you with limited mobility or a disability – and great for when you want to sit down too.

SittingHow do riser recliner chairs work? Sitting

Made to your specific size requirements, your recliner will support you perfectly, ensuring optimum seat height, depth and width. Ergonomically designed and beautifully proportioned, its supreme comfort makes it the perfect armchair for now and the future.

Feet-upHow do riser recliner chairs work? Feet up

Take the weight off your feet at the touch of a button – your chair will be sized to fit your legs correctly so you will always feel supported. This is the perfect position for relaxing when reading, resting or watching TV whilst ensuring optimum comfort.

RecliningHow do riser recliner chairs work? Reclining

This is the perfect position for that afternoon snooze or for enjoying a soothing massage from the optional built-in massage system. One touch of the control will lift you smoothly back up with no strain and no effort.

Find your perfect riser recliner today by browsing our full range. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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