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Riser Recliner Accessories For Added Luxury

Enhance your experience with one of our range of  riser recliner accessories! We have no doubt that your new recliner will make a positive difference to your quality of life. But with the addition of one or more riser recliner accessories, your comfort and relaxation is taken to a whole new level!

For the ultimate experience, The Recliner Factory offers a wide choice of useful extras and accessories. From reading lights and head cushions to USB charging sockets or a handy tray table to keep everything you need close by, our accessories can make your new chair even more special.


Phone charger- riser recliner accessoriesNew! Phone charger

With our wireless charger, keeping your phone charged has never been easier. It blends beautifully with your chair so you can conveniently charge your device without having to worry about finding an outlet




Drinks holder- riser recliner accessoriesNew! Drinks holder

Keep your drinks close to hand with this stylish inbuilt drinks holder. You’ll never have to leave your recliner again!






New! Tablet holder

Designed for hands free use, this tablet holder enables you to relax and enjoy your favourite film or TV series and use the internet from the comfort of your chair.




New! Tray Table

This adjustable tray table is ideal for those wanting to keep every day essentials close to hand.





New! Bluetooth speakers

Connect your Bluetooth device and be amazed by the incredible sound quality of the inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. You have to hear it to believe it!





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