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The New Easy2Bathe Bath Lift

As part of the Ashley Anderson group, we would like to introduce you to our latest product!

Put an end to your worries about bath time, there is finally a practical, uncomplicated and affordable solution for you. Experience comfort, relaxation and safety in your bathroom again with a bath lift from Easy2bathe.

Easy2bathe bath lifts do just that; making bathing easy for you. It will make you feel confident in enjoying a long soak on your own, at your leisure.

It will fit to your own bath so you won’t need to get any builders or plumbers in to make drastic changes to your home. Not only does this make it a much quicker, easier and more convenient option, but it could also save you thousands of pounds from having a walk-in bath fitted.


  • Save time and money with no alterations to your bathroom.
  • No waiting around for your bath to fill or empty – stay warm and enjoy your soak.
  • Efficient and mess free fitting.
  • Easy to use.
  • A quality system = safe, comfortable, reliable.
  • Making you feel confident at bath time.

This quality system is so easy to use and there is no sitting around waiting for the bath to fill or getting cold while it empties for you to get out. You can simply lower yourself into a full bath with the straightforward handset and rise back up again once you are finished.

Easy2bathe will fit your unit for you in no time at all, leaving no mess. We will also make sure that you feel happy and confident using the system before we leave.

Find out more about the Easy2Bathe bath lift by visiting our new website – www.easy2bathe.co.uk

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