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8 Optional Extras For Your Riser Recliner Chair

All of our riser recliners enable you to sit comfortably and stand with ease. However, alongside this, there are also a multitude of optional extras you can add to your chair to make it completely personal to you.  From extended footrests to massage systems, here is how our accessories can benefit you.

4 in 1 tray table:

Our latest handy accessory, the 4-in-1 technology table has plenty of features to ease your comfort in your riser recliner. The handy tray swivels and removes with ease, and offers four key features:

  • USB port – so you can charge all your gadgets without having to leave your chair
  • Reading light – perfect for when you want to get lost in your favourite novel
  • Wireless charger – an even more easy way to charge your devices!

Reading Light:

Our built-in reading light enables you to recline and relax with a book, or sit and sudoku the evening away without having to worry about limited vision. This targeted lighting is the perfect help for focusing!

Heat & Massage System:

  Our optional in-built heating system is a wonderful way to temporarily relieve aches and pains, and to improve circulation! It’s also a great and cost-efficient way to keep warm in the winter too!

   We also offer the option of an in-built massage system, in which you can enjoy a full, sensual massage or a concentrated one on your shoulders, back, buttocks, upper or lower legs. Not only is it extremely relaxing, but massage therapy also has a multitude of health benefits too!

In-built massage system

Extended Footrest:

Our extended footrests allow you to stretch out whilst still having your feet supported, allowing extra comfort to your ankles and lower legs.

Arm Covers:

Optional arm covers are available in the same fabric as your recliner, and can help to maintain it’s condition, minimising wear and tear.

Head Cushion:

Head cushions make reclining so much more comfortable! Whether you’re watching television, laying back with a book or having a snooze, this accessory offers maximum comfort.

Handy Side Pocket:

The handy side pocket is the perfect place to store all of your favourite books, and of course the TV guide! This means you can easily access them without having to leave your chair!

8 Optional Extras For Your Riser Recliner Chair

Removable Arms:

The removable arms option allows you to get into and out of your riser recliner chair with ease, particularly if you are a wheelchair user. You can enjoy the comfort of the arm rests when it’s time to relax, and simply remove them when you need to get up. 

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