Power Recliner Or Manual Recliner?

power recliner or manual

Read about whether to choose a power recliner or manual recliner, plus get answers to the most commonly asked questions about them.

Power recliner or Manual Recliner?

Manual Recliner

A manual recliner is operated by a simple lever mechanism, usually found on the side of the chair.

It has limited manoeuvrability compared to a powered chair, as it only often offers two positions- reclined or seated.

Powered Recliner

A powered recliner is operated by a simple-to-use handset that moves the chair into a variety of positions- from reclined to seated to standing.

Powered recliners are a popular choice for people with limited mobility due to their greater range of positions and ease of use.

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What are the key differences between Power and Manual Recliners?

Price – The cost will understandably be a big deciding factor when choosing the best recliner to go for. If you are looking to spend less money, a manual recliner is the more affordable option out of the two.

Upkeep– As manual recliners don’t have any electrical parts, they are usually easier to maintain. Electrical parts are more likely to be damaged or fail over time, so it would be wise to invest in a power recliner that comes with a reliable warranty.

Adaptability– A superior feature of Powered Riser Recliners is their ability to be adjusted into a variety of positions for your comfort. With a manual recliner you only have the option to be seated or reclined. With a powered riser recliner you can choose.

Ease of use- You’ll need sufficient strength and movement in your arms to use a manual recliner lever. If you aren’t able to manage this, you would be more suited to a power recliner.

Long term value– Power recliners have controlled movements, which usually means that they deal with less wear than manual recliners. Because of this, power recliners tend to be a better investment than manual recliners as they have a longer lifespan.

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Are Power Recliners Good For Backache?

A popular question we are asked is, are powered recliners good for backache? The answer is simple, yes, they are ideal for people who suffer from backache.

A manual chair moves you much more smoothly, from one position to another, compared to a Manual recliner. This is important when you suffer from backache as you want to limit sudden, jolted movements as much as possible.

Plus, if your backache is affecting your core strength, a powered recliner easily puts you into a standing position, with limited pressure on your back.

Another advantage of power recliners for sufferers of backache is that they can be positioned in the most comfortable position for you. You are not limited to upright or back like the way you are in a Manual Chair.

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Do Power Recliners Use a Lot of Electricity?

A power recliner operates on a standard household electrical supply, so uses no more than any other electrical device.

The cost may be slightly higher if you opt for accessories such as inbuilt heating and massage.


Do Power Recliners Have Battery Back Up?

Battery back up is often available with Powered Recliners at an additional cost.

It is a popular choice as it gives peace of mind that it can still be used in the event of a power cut.


Choosing The Best Recliner For You

We hope this helped in your decision between a manual recliner or a powered recliner.

If you suffer from limited mobility, then an electric recliner could be the best option for you.

If you simply would like a chair you can lift your feet up in though, a manual recliner could be better suited to your needs.

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Read about whether to choose a power recliner or manual recliner, plus get answers to the most commonly asked questions…