Riser Recliner Chair Accessories

Add the finishing touches to your new riser recliner chair with these accessories. From in-built massage and heat to a reading light or arm covers, complement your lifestyle and enhance your riser recliner experience.

Built-in Massage System

Built-in Massage System

Full body or concentrated massage

Control intensity of massage with remote

Optional wireless control

Take advantage of an in-built massage system and enjoy a relaxing massage, controlled with an easy-to-use handset, all from the comfort of your recliner.

Technology Table

Technology Table

Easy to remove

Convenient charging

Charge phone or tablet

Our latest handy accessory, the new edition 3-in-1 powered tray table has an array of features to ease relaxation in your new recliner. The tray table removes, swivels, and even charges mobile and tablet devices via the handy built-in USB port. You just simply click the table in place.

Reading Light

Reading Light

Easy to adjust

Focus light onto book for reading

Built into chair

The ideal way to settle down on your riser recliner chair and read a good book, our reading lights are built into your chair and can be positioned to create the perfect focus light for reading.

Built-in heating

In-built Heat

Heat built into your seat

ldeal for helping aches and pains

Controlled from handset

Ease away aches and pains with the in-built heat system on our riser recliner chairs. Easy to use, with a simple button on your control, relax in the comfort of your riser recliner chair.

USB Charging Port

USB Charging Port

Built-in USB port

Powered from chair

Ideal for charging tablets and phones

A USB charging port can be built into the side of your chair for convenient charging. This is powered from your chair and saves the need for wires and plugs stretching across the room.

Head Cushion

Head Cushion

Additional head cushion

Extra support for neck and head

Made in same material to match chair

To make your reclining experience even more comfortable, opt for a head cushion which offers extra support for your neck and head.

Dual Motor System

Dual Motor System

Back and leg sections operate independently 

Get the best position right for you

Easy to use controls

We offer dual control on most of our riser recliner chairs. This simply means both the back controls and feet controls can move independently of one another. This means you are able to find the perfect comfortable position.

Removable Arm

Removable Arms

Useful if you use a wheelchair

Get in and out of recliner easily

Simply remove arm for easy access

This innovative extra ensures that you can easily get in and out of your recliner. Ideal if you are a wheelchair user, simply remove the arm and transfer onto the seat. The arm easily slots in and out of place.


Guardsman Stain Protection

Protects chair material from accidental stains 

Extends life of new riser recliner chair

Peace of mind for years to come

Once you’ve picked your new riser recliner chair, you’ll want to keep it looking great for years ahead. If the worst should happen and your new chair is stained or accidentally damaged, it needs to be put right fast, hassle free and without paying out more money. That’s where a Guardsman Protection Plan can help.

Battery back-up

Battery Back-up

Battery power if mains power fails

Peace of mind in power cut

Still have use of chair without mains power

In the event of a power cut or if your mains electricity cuts out, our battery backup system means you can still operate your riser recliner controls. This brings peace of mind for when you need it the most.

Side pocket

Side Pocket

Built in side of chair

Useful easy access storage

Ideal for magazines and newspapers

For easy storage, the side pocket is made in the side of your chair. Use this for easy access for things such as magazines, papers or even remotes!

Arm Covers

Arm Covers

Matching arm covers

Protect arms from wear and tear

Easy to slide on and off

Protect your chair by opting for arm covers. Created in the same material as your chair, arm covers prevent excessive wear and tear of your chair arms.