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6 Helpful Ways To Adapt Your Home For Old Age

A fifth of people aged 60-69 have made adaptations to their home in preparation for older age, a new survey by Age UK Trading reveals. These ‘future-proofers’ are planning ahead in order to maintain their independence, with 1 in 10 saying that wanting to manage on their own was the reason for carrying out the work.

6 Ways To Adapt Your Home For Old Age

Here are some examples of adaptations you may want to consider:

1.Make you bathroom easier to use

Loss of mobility and balance can make it increasingly difficult to wash and bathe independently.

Installing a bath lift will mean you don’t have to worry about having to climb over the side of a bath to get in and out. Bath lifts enable full depth bathing without the need for expensive alterations to your bathroom.

Adapt Your Home For Old Age With a Bath Lift

2. Move essential facilities downstairs

If you have difficulty with stairs, it’s a good idea to think about having all your essential facilities (such as your toilet/bathroom/bedroom) on one floor.

3. Get a riser recliner

If you find getting out of a chair a bit of a struggle, a recliner can help lower you to a comfortable seating position and elevate you to a near standing position, maintaining your independence for longer.

A correctly fitted riser recliner can also provide positional relief from back ache, arthritic pain and aching joints.

Adapt Your Home For Old Age with a Riser Recliner

4. Remove fall hazards

Avoid clutter and loose mats and rugs which could act as trip hazards.

If you have difficulty moving around or use a wheelchair, rearranging furniture so that there are clear paths between rooms can make it easier and safer to move around.

5. Upgrade your bed

A good night’s sleep is vital to our health and well being. Adjustable beds are designed to allow for your ideal sleeping position, help to distribute your weight evenly and provide the correct support for your body and spine.

Adapt Your Home For Old Age with an Adjustable Bed

6. Ensure the place is well lit

Lighting can help you get about easily and safely. A remote control light that works with a motion sensor to switch the light on automatically if you get out of bed or enter a room could be useful.

For more information on how to adapt your home for old age, see Age UK’s guide Adapting Your Home. Get a free copy by calling Age UK Advice on 0800 169 6565 or download from www.ageuk.org.uk.

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