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4 Amazing Advantages of Riser Recliner Chairs After Surgery

Many of our customers have reported riser recliner chairs have been their best investment to help aid recovery after surgery. Without a riser recliner chair, simple tasks such as sitting down or getting up from a seated position can become difficult to say the least. This post explores how a riser recliner chair can help support your day-to-day life after surgery. You will also learn how recliners can not only help you straight after surgery but also improve your independence in the long term as well.

1. Riser recliner chairs improve your circulation

  • Surgery can affect your ability to get up and around like you once did, which can cause your blood circulation to suffer.
  • Riser recliners overcome this problem by giving you the freedom to change your position.
  • This helps to increase blood circulation and can prevent fluid retention, which can cause swelling.

2. Riser recliner chairs elevate your joints

  • Many have reported their riser recliner has been their best friend after surgery and it’s easy to see why.
  • At the simple touch of a button you can move the position of your chair to keep your legs in an elevated position.
  • A source of great relief and comfort to many.

riser recliner post surgery healing

3. Riser recliner chairs reduce pressure on your back and legs

  • Recovery after surgery can be quite uncomfortable, especially if due to medical reasons you need to stay sat down for long periods of time.
  • A riser recliner allows you to angle your chair to a position that temporarily relieves pressure on areas such as your lower back or legs, making you feel much more comfortable and at ease whilst sat down.
  • Many people also opt for inbuilt massage which can help to relieve muscle ache and spasms.

4. Riser recliner chairs improve your independence

  • Being able to sit down and get up from a chair on your own is a freedom that many people take for granted.
  • Having the assistance of a riser recliner can make a great difference not only to your physical well-being but also your emotional well being.
  • The ability to move independently without having to wait (or ask for) assistance is an experience treasured by many.

A few words from our customers:

Reclining Chair Saves the Day

“I broke my leg on Christmas Eve and returned home from hospital on New Years Day. While in hospital I called The Recliner Factory and to my amazement they were working on New Years Eve. They were able to offer me a chair from stock and delivered it 3 days after I returned home. Without their great service I would be spending my time healing in discomfort. Now I have a wonderful reclining chair to relax in. I can commend their product and service unreservedly.​”

Mr Sinnott

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