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4 Tips: Choosing The Perfect Electric Recliner Chair For Your Living Room

Struggling to choose the best electric recliner chair look for your living room? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Practicality, style and comfort are all key things to consider when investing in a new electric recliner chair. Otherwise you could end up wasting significant time on money on a recliner that doesn’t look or feel right for you.

To keep you from suffering such a fate, the experts here at The Recliner Factory have 4 top tips to consider when choosing the perfect electric recliner chair look for your living room.

1. Light or Dark Electric Recliner Chair?

Light or Dark Electric Recliner Chair?

Pictured-The Malvern electric recliner chair

When choosing the colour of your new electric recliner chair, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Dark electric recliner chairs bring a cosy feel they bring to the room. For pet owners (or those with mischievous grandchildren!) they are also much easier to hide dirt, keeping it looking like new for longer!
  • For those who prefer a fresh look, lighter coloured electric recliner chairs are perfect. Light recliners easily fit most room settings however can be prone to staining and wear. Opting for washable arm covers is a stylish compromise for looking clean for longer.

2. Patterned Or Plain Electric Recliner Chair?

Patterned Or Plain Electric Recliner Chair?

Pictured- The Palermo electric recliner chair 

This very much comes down to personal preference. Whether you prefer plain or patterned designs– our range of fabrics, patterns and colours is extensive and all conform to BS 5852, the highest government regulations on flammability.

We hold a huge range in stock so we can respond quickly to individual preferences – or we can even upholster your chair and matching sofa or accessories in your own fabric.

Our advisor will be able to help you decide which fabric samples best match your interior during your home demonstration.

3. Leather or Fabric Electric Recliner Chair?

Leather or Fabric Electric Recliner Chair?

Pictured- The Milan electric recliner chair 

The great debate…fabric or leather? If you’re stuck between choosing a leather or fabric electric recliner chair, these tips could help:

Leather electric recliner chairs

 Fabric electric recliner chairs

 + Practical, long lasting and durable  + Comfy: Fabric tends to be softer and warmer to sit on than leather which varies via season
 + Care: Waterproof so easy to wipe down any stains or spillages  + Design options: Hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from to match your current decor
 + Timeless style: Provides a sleek and classic look in your living room  + Cost: Fabric electric recliner chairs tend to be cheaper than leather chairs so great if you are on more of a budget
 + Hypoallergenic: Perfect for people who suffer from allergies  + Pet friendly: Fabric is a better choice for people with pets who tend to scratch furniture a lot

4. Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches For Your Electric Recliner Chair

Pictured- New! 3-in-1 Tray Table

Don’t forget, it’s likely that you’ll use your new electric recliner every day, so consider your day-to-day usage too. At The Recliner Factory you can enhance your electric riser recliner experience with one or more of our handy accessories which can take your comfort and relaxation to a new level!

From reading lights and matching head cushions to USB charging sockets or a handy tray table, our accessories can make your new chair even more special. For a limited time only, you can also get £100 off any accessory! Contact us today to find out more.

Choosing The Perfect Electric Recliner Chair Look For Your Living Room

So, hopefully we’ve provided you with some direction to help with your decision making. If you’d like any more assistance or would like to find out more about our range of electric recliner chairs get in touch today.

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