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6 Reasons Why Your Recliner Should Be Like Your Favourite Pair Of Shoes

There’s nothing worse than an ill fitting pair of shoes. The rubbing…the discomfort…the list goes on.

When it comes to your favourite pair of shoes, each and every one of us has a preference for design, comfort and style. Have you ever considered that the same can be said when finding your perfect recliner too? Our feet don’t come as one size fits all so neither should your recliner! A chair is made for comfort and when choosing your favourite recliner a number of key considerations should be made:


Your favourite recliner should be stylish.

There’s no escaping it…one of the first things that attracts you to a pair of shoes is its looks.

The same is true when choosing your favourite recliner. As a key feature of your living room, it’s important that you carefully consider the style, design and fabric of your recliner to best complement you and your home.

At The Recliner Factory we’ve carefully created a variety of riser recliner styles so that all our potential customers will surely find the one they like most. Take a look at our recliner range here.


Your favourite recliner should be comfortable.

Recliners are like your favourite pair of shoes- looks are important (and wow do we have some good looking recliners!) but comfort is key.

I’m sure you have experienced the horrible aches and pains you get from wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. They hurt a lot less when they fit just right and it works the same way with recliners too.

In our opinion there isn’t anything better than relaxing the comfort of your favourite recliner chair.  Age and physical problems demand a comfortable place to sit and relax and a riser recliner chair provides just that.

Adjustable To Your Needs

Your favourite recliner should be adjustable.

Your shoes should be adjustable dependent on your needs and requirements- for example they should have velco or straps to adapt as needed. The same is true for a riser recliner.

The ability to adjust your chair is so important to your general well being. Unlike a lot of other cheaper chairs, our riser recliners do not have set positions, meaning you can adjust your chair infinitely to find just the right position for you. Ideal if you spend a lot of time in your chair and want to find some temporary positional relief from your aches and pains.

A Perfect Fit For You

Your favourite recliner should fit perfectly.

There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes and the same goes for a chair.

Like your favourite pair of shoes the fit has to be just right. Here at The Recliner Factory we know that not everyone is the same size, shape, weight or height- so neither are our recliners.

The correct seat depth, height, width and foot rest position are all essential to your comfort so all our chairs come in a choice of 5 standard sizes- Petite, Standard, Petite with Standard width, grand and grand with Petite width to find the perfect fit for you.

Made To Make You Feel Happy

Your favourite recliner should make you happy.

As Einstein once said: ‘A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin. What else does a man need to be happy?’

Like your favourite pair of shoes, you deserve to have a favourite chair that you can look forward to sitting in to relax and ease those aches and pains. That one chair that you sit in that is yours and only yours! Your happy place.

Made To The Highest Standard

Your favourite recliner should be quality made.

A shoes’ heel support / heel cup should be made to be soft and stable, preventing vertical or horizontal heel movement. A recliner should do the same, it should be made to the highest standard to ensure that it lasts the test of time.

What you may save in money you could give up on in terms of the comfort, durability and style which is provided by a lovingly handcrafted British Made recliner. Read our recent post on the problems with cheap recliners to find out more.

Ready to find your future favourite recliner? Check out our range of beautiful riser recliners today and discover why our customers can never imagine having another favourite chair again!

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