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4 Brilliant Ways A Riser Recliner Can Improve Your Day

When it comes to finding the best seat in the house, a riser recliner has little competition. There is no easier or more comfortable way to enjoy some down time than in a riser recliner. Aside from the comfort it provides, what other ways could a recliner make your day better? Read on to find out.

1. A riser recliner can help you get in and out of your chair with ease

At the simple touch of a button, a riser recliner lifts you in and out of your chair taking the strain from your back and knees. This is a brilliant way to keep you independent throughout your day.

Ways a riser recliner can improve your day

2. Long day? A riser recliner can give you a massage whenever you’d like one

Why not enjoy a relaxing built in heat or massage system? It’s a brilliant way to relax and soothe your aches and pains away. Be warned though, its so relaxing it may send you to sleep!

3. Get positional relief from your aches & pains

Do you find that your day is hindered by your aches & pains? By improving your posture and enabling you to change position, a recliner can provide temporary positional relief from arthritis, back ache and joint pain.

Get positional relief from aches and pains with a riser recliner

4. A place to put your feet up

Our chairs fully recline allowing you to sit back and relax. This is perfect for relaxing, watching TV or having a snooze! Our recliners provide comfort for a number of hours which is ideal if you have limited mobility.

If you feel your day could be improved with a riser recliner chair, why not try one from the comfort of your own home? To book a free home demonstration call us today on 0800 988 2898. Or click here to request a brochure.

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