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13 Surprising Benefits of Massage Recliners

Why a Massage Recliner is Surprisingly Beneficial


Lady lying in a massage recliner chair

Can a massage recliner chair make you more comfortable?

As we get older, our bodies slow down, and we start to experience the soreness and
stiffness that unfortunately comes with ageing.

Staying physically active is great for keeping the aches and pains at bay. However, due to
limited mobility, illness, fatigue and many more reasons, it’s not always possible to be active
all the time.

If it’s getting harder to stay physically active, massage therapy can be a surprisingly effective
relief for age related symptoms.

Not all of us have the time to visit a massage therapist every day. But, with a massage
riser recliner chair, you can experience most of the effects of massage therapy in the comfort of
your own home!

Read below to find out some of the ways a riser recliner massage chair can make you more



Woman sat smiling on her riser recliner in her living room

1. Improved Mood

It’s stressful when your body is achy and painful. Loosening those sore joints with a nice
massage is a great way to alleviate the pain and stress though!

When you have a massage, your brain releases endorphins, which are your body’s natural
feel good chemicals.

Endorphins help to balance your mood, which prevents symptoms of depression, anxiety
and pain.

Meaning, spending a little time on your electric massage riser recliner each day can be beneficial
to your well-being.



A woman sleeping in a white bed

2. Sleep Better

As well as releasing endorphins, massage therapy can also stimulate the flow of serotonin
(another chemical that makes you feel happy) in your brain.

Your brain converts serotonin into the sleep hormone melatonin.

So, spending a little bit of relaxation time in a massaging riser recliner chair before bed could help
you can drift off into a more restful sleep.



Blood cells flowing around the body

3. Improved Circulation

Kneading, rolling, tapping, gripping and Shiatsu muscle massaging techniques vibrate and
move your muscles. Studies have shown that massage therapy like this can increase blood
flow to key areas of your body.

A good blood flow carries oxygen and nourishment around your body and to your muscles.
Moreover, it helps to eliminate toxins and stimulate endorphins.

This contributes to a stronger immune system and can aid faster muscle recovery.



A woman sat in her riser recliner

4. Better Lymphatic Circulation

The Lymphatic system is effectively your body’s drainage system.

It keeps your body’s fluids balanced and helps prevent infection by flushing out waste

It doesn’t work like blood circulation though, because the lymphatic system doesn’t have a
pump like the heart to keep it flowing.

Instead, you have to move around for it to work.

If you have limited mobility or disability and struggle to move around, lymph fluids tend to
collect, causing swelling and inflammation.

This often happens in the feet.

With a riser recliner massage chair, you can raise your legs, whilst using the massage function
to stimulate the lymphatic flow. Thus, helping to reduce swelling, aches and pains.



A visualisation of a heartbeat

5. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Stress and high blood pressure are major contributors to heart disease.

Studies have shown that massage therapy helps to lower blood pressure and stress.

This helps improve your cardiovascular system as a whole.

Regular massage therapy alongside a healthy lifestyle could be beneficial to the health of
your heart.



A man receiving massage therapy

6. Relax and Loosen sore muscles

During our daily tasks, we build up stress and tension in our shoulders, neck and back as
well as our muscles and joints.

This can be uncomfortable and sore, and sometimes you just need to let your body relax.

A massage riser recliner chair places pressure on the affected tissues, stretching and kneading

This gradually relaxes and loosens the muscles, releasing tension and making you more



An elderly person touching a painful spot in their lower back

7. Manage lower back pain

A study in the pain medicine journal found that massage therapy can help relieve symptoms
from sufferers of chronic back pain.

Out of 104 people with persistent back pain, 50% of them reported a meaningful
improvement in their back pain after regular massage therapy!



A visualisation of a headache

8. Fewer headaches

If you have poor posture, a sore back, tight neck, or are constantly straining your eyes, you
can find yourself suffering from tension headaches.

In the study mentioned above, researchers found that regular massage therapy reduced the
frequency of headaches in subjects.

This is possibly due to the increase in serotonin they experienced, as serotonin is a natural

So, getting a little massage therapy from your riser recliner every day could help to keep
your head clear.



A cartoon image of a spine

9. Improve posture

Your body wasn’t designed for poor posture, and over the years, it can take a toll. Causing
muscle pain and soreness.

The good news: It is possible to fix your posture over time!

A massage recliner chair loosens your muscles, relieving the neck, shoulders and spine of
pressure and pain.

It also enables you to recline into a posture friendly position, which takes stress off of your
muscle groups. This, over time, aids you in improving your posture.



An elderly man walking through a park on a sunny day

10. Aid Independence

Regular massage therapy improves your flexibility and range of motion. By stimulating blood
flow and relaxing your muscles and joints, your body becomes looser and less prone to

This makes it much easier to get out of your chair and move around your home with fewer
aches and pains.

Moreover, with a massaging riser recliner, the chair lifts you from a seated or lying position
into a standing position. Meaning you don’t have to do any of the leg work!

It also means you don’t have to rely on a carer to help you. And, we know how important
remaining independent in day to day tasks can be for the confidence for people who are
elderly or suffering from limited mobility or injury.



A woman using the rise function of her riser recliner

11. Helps With Arthritis

Regular massage therapy can be a great way to soothe the pain and stiffness of arthritis
without drugs.

Many people with arthritis avoid movement because of pain and soreness. But, living a
sedentary lifestyle can actually make you more stiff and sore. Massage therapy using soft
tissue manipulation releases muscle tension and helps your flexibility, which helps you break
the cycle.

Getting a massage can also improve blood flow to arthritic joints, which helps to reduce
inflammation, improve joint functionality and increase your range of movement. As
mentioned earlier, it also helps your body release endorphins too, which naturally eases
those annoying aches and pains.



Two elderly people holding hands

12. Massages Help Relieve Symptoms of Cancer Treatment

Massage therapy is often used alongside cancer treatment to help ease the symptoms in
patients. Medical researchers discovered encouraging evidence that it could help with
symptoms including pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, anger, stress and fatigue.



A woman looking happy as she reads in her riser recliner.

13. Helps Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone, it controls your mood, motivation and fear. It
helps fuel your body’s “fight or flight” instinct.

The issue with cortisol and the “fight or flight” instinct though, is that it’s not very useful in
modern life. It causes our bodies to release adrenaline, which is meant to help us stay alive
in life threatening situations.

In modern life though, there aren’t many life threatening situations. It’s situations like
deadlines and health worries that trigger a cortisol response.

We don’t need adrenaline to handle these situations. In fact, it can make them worse. When
we are exposed to prolonged, or frequent stressful experiences we can develop problems
with anxiety and depression, headaches, memory and concentration, sleeping, and even

It has been found though, that regular massage therapy can significantly lower levels of
cortisol . So, spending some time in your massage riser recliner could be more helpful for
your head than you thought. The massaging function relieves tension and soothes your
aches and pains. This releases endorphins and helps you to let go of those anxious and
scary thoughts.



A woman sat with her legs raised on a riser recliner

Do you think a massage recliner could help you?

We’re pretty sure you’ll agree that there’s not much better than a luxurious massage in the
comfort of your own living room.

A bespoke massage recliner is a convenient luxury you’ll love having in your home for years
to come. With a choice of a full body or concentrated massage on five specific areas of your
body, you might even doze off in your chair! And if you do, the system switches off
automatically. The intensity of the message is completely controlled by you too, meaning it’s
always just right.



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