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5 Amazing Benefits Of A Riser Recliner With Massage

Like to experience the amazing benefits of a riser recliner with massage*? Not only is massage a great way to relax, it can help with a number of health conditions too. If you’re wondering whether investing in a riser recliner chair with massage is worth it we urge you to read on:

1. A riser recliner with massage can help sufferers of Arthritis

benefits of a recliner with massage

Massage stimulates the release of endorphin’s in your body which helps to reduce your aches & pains. People who regularly have massage have been shown to have reduced stiffness and improved joint functionality (including range of motion and strength). Ideal if you suffer from arthritis.

2. Massage can help to ease the side effects of cancer treatment

People who suffer from cancer are often provided with massage in addition to their medical treatment. Massage relaxes patients, reducing the symptoms of cancer as well as helping with the side effects of treatment such as sickness, tiredness and improving the function of the immune system.**

3. A riser recliner with massage helps people with anxiety & depression

Lady relaxing in a riser recliner with massage
Not only does massage reduce your aches and pains, a recent study^ has shown that massage “lowered levels of cortisol by up to 50%,” while increasing levels of neurotransmitters.

This assists in reducing the symptoms of anxiety & depression.

4. A riser recliner with Massage helps your blood flow

Massage increases your blood flow. This delivers more oxygen to your cells and removes toxins, reducing your symptoms of pain. Another great reason to enjoy a relaxing massage!

5. Sheer convenience

We think you’ll agree with us when we say there is no better feeling than treating yourself to a lovely relaxing massage. Especially when you can experience it from the comfort of your home.

Our built-in massage system is the perfect way to bring complete luxury and convenience to your chair. You will be able to enjoy either a full body or a concentrated massage on one of five specific areas of your body. The intensity of the massage is totally controllable and if you should doze off, the system switches off automatically.


Would like to experience the many benefits that inbuilt massage can bring? Call us today on 0800 988 2898 to arrange your free no obligation home demonstration so you can enjoy the massage system in the comfort of your own home.


*Please note: using a riser recliner with or without massage is not a cure for any medical conditions or chronic illness such as arthritis or back pain and you should not discontinue any current medication. If you have any concerns then contact your health care professional. Our massage system is not recommended for use with a pacemaker. **Source: E Ernst (2009) Massage therapy for cancer palliation and supportive care: a systematic review of randomised clinical trials. Supportive Care in Cancer. Volume 17, Issue 4 ^ Source: T. Field (2005) Cortisol decreases and seretonin and dopamine increase following massage therapy. International Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 115, Issue 10

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