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How An Electric Riser Recliner Chair Helps To Relieve Back Pain

Be it watching TV, eating dinner or reading a book, if you suffer from back pain it can make those once pleasurable activities a painful experience. Read on to learn how an electric riser recliner chair could help to temporarily relieve your back pain. 

Around 160,000 people in England suffer from back pain and unfortunately the older we get, the more likely we are to experience it. If you are one of the unfortunate sufferers of back pain, you will realise the number of activities that it can effect whilst sat down. 

How electric riser recliner chairs help temporarily relieve back pain

How electric riser recliner chairs help to relieve back pain

Good posture is essential in avoiding the distressing pain and discomfort caused by back pain. 

Electric riser recliner chairs can help alleviate back pain by taking the weight and pressure from your spine. 

By adjusting the movable back and leg rest on your electric riser recliner chair, you will be able to find just the right sitting or reclining position for you, allowing you to temporarily enjoy some blissful relief from the misery of back pain.

Did you know that you put most strain on your back when you get OUT of your chair? At The Recliner Factory, our electric riser recliner chairs will raise you to an almost standing position, meaning you can avoid unnecessary load on your back, reducing the risk of any further pain or discomfort.

How massage in your electric riser recliner chair helps to relieve back pain

You can help relieve your back pain further by opting for an electric riser recliner chair with massage built in.

The advantages of our built-in massage system are vast. Massage improves your blood circulation and soothes away your aches and pains. Massage is also specifically useful if you experience muscle tightness or spasms in your back.

By taking advantage of the optional built-in massage system with an electric riser recliner chair from The Recliner factory, you will be able to enjoy either a full sensual body massage or a concentrated massage on one of five specific areas of your body using the finger-light controls. The speed and intensity is totally controllable and you can choose from a wave or pulse effect.

Are you looking for the best electric riser recliner chair for back pain?

If you are looking for a new electric riser recliner chair to help relieve your back pain, then The Recliner Factory are here to help. 

At the simple click of a button, our electric riser recliner chairs enable you to change your height, back position and tilt to ensure you always feel comfortable.

For further information please request a free brochure by clicking here or alternatively give one our friendly team members a call on 0800 988 2898 to see how a riser recliner chair could help with your back pain

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