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Irene’s story: How a riser recliner helps my joint pain

“It’s so comfortable, it sends you to sleep!”


Suffering from Osteoarthritis, a common form of joint disease, Irene finds she often suffers from stiffness and painful joints.

To help relieve some of her pain, she contacted The Recliner Factory to see if they could help with a chair for her needs.

To find out more about the chair Irene chose, please click here: reclinerfactory.com/recliner-collection/the-capri/


Can you tell us about yourself?

I was working at Withington hospital. I was a student nurse there. I was a general nurse and then went on to do midwifery training and ended up as a midwife from 64-98. When I first left it was very difficult. I wanted to care for people. You never stop caring. I now volunteer at The Church Crossway and we run a club for people with disabilities.

Can you tell us more about your condition?

I’ve got Osteoarthritis mainly in my knees. It gets very stiff and I can’t walk very far. I can’t do the things I perhaps did a long time ago. I used to enjoy walking around parks and gardens and things.

What happened after getting in touch with The Recliner Factory?

We needed some new chairs. I’d seen it advertised in magazines and on the television and a man came over and brought a chair. We tried it out. It’s fitted to you and your individual needs. They make sure they measure your height to what height you need it, where your back fits. They show you the way it goes up and tilts and show you all the different massages.

What do you like most about your riser recliner?

If I was reading or something I’d put the foot thing up and put it back a bit. The arms are nice and firm and the cushions are firm too. My friends have come over to try it and they say ‘Oooh, like this’ and have a go. You can bring your feet up and go back if you’re feeling tired or anything. It sends you to sleep!

Irene’s recliner of choice:

Irene chose The Capri Riser Recliner to help her get in and out of her chair with ease.

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