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4 Ways Rise Recliner Chairs Can Help Arthritis Pain

Can rise recliner chairs help Arthritis pain? It’s a common question we’re asked here at The Recliner Factory. Arthritis is a condition which causes painful swelling and inflammation of the joints. According to figures by Arthritis Research UK around 400,000 adults suffer from arthritis in the United Kingdom. Whilst there is currently no cure for arthritis, a rise recliner chair can help to provide you with some temporary relief from your joint pain. Read on to find out how.

rise recliner chairs for arthritis1. Pressure relief

Firstly, rise recliner chairs help your joint pain by making sure your body weight is evenly spread across the chair. This means you will be able to stay sat down for longer. This is important if  a medical condition, such as Arthritis, causes you to spend a lot of time in your chair.

2. Flexibility

Secondly, many people like the flexibility rise recliner chairs offer them. At the touch of a button, rise recliner chairs can be moved to a more comfortable position, whilst at the same time making sure your joints are properly supported. Being able to raise your legs is also perfect if you suffer from swelling in your feet or ankles. Further more, another benefit is that they can help you to your feet with ease. This is great if arthritis causes you to struggle getting up from a seated position.

3. Rise recliner chairs improve your posture

Thirdly, good posture is essential for avoiding the discomfort caused by arthritis pain. By adjusting your rise recliner chair, you will be able to find your perfect position, giving you temporary relief from your arthritis aches and pains.

4. Massagerise recliner chair arthritis

Finally, recent studies have shown that regular massage use can reduce the pain and stiffness linked to arthritis. Additionally, it helps to improve range of motion and function of joints. At The Recliner Factory, you have the option of adding a built-in massage system to your rise recliner chair. This not only provides temporary pain relief, but is very relaxing too!

How We Can Help You

Like to see for yourself how rise recliner chairs can help your arthritis? The Recliner Factory are here to help. Our hand made rise & reclining chairs can provide temporary blissful relief for your joints from arthritic pain. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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