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Best Mobility Recliner Chairs Guide For 2021

It’s sometimes difficult to come to terms with the fact that you are now having difficulty getting out of the armchair that has served you for many years. However, we have a wide range of comfortable mobility recliner chairs that would be perfect for your home.

All of our mobility recliner chairs are hand-made to order in the heart of the UK, promising you high British quality. Relax, recline, put your feet up and rise from your chair independently, with the simple touch of a button.  Our chairs come in a range of styles and fabrics, with optional accessories to make yours personal to you. Here’s everything you need to know and more!

Benefits of Mobility Recliner Chairs:

There are a multitude of benefits that a mobility recliner chair can have for you. Here are our top three:  

1.      Temporary positional pain relief:

Living with constant aches and pains can be draining and frustrating, especially when you are trying to relax. Mobility recliner chairs provide you with the correct posture to temporarily relieve back pain. As well as this, by raising your legs and feet, swelling can be reduced and pain can temporarily be relieved after a long day.

Back pain

2.      Improved circulation:

Blood circulation can become rather poor, particularly if you spend a great deal of your time sitting down. This can cause a great deal of discomfort when you come to standing up. By keeping your legs raised with a recliner footrest, blood flow through your lower legs and feet could be improved.

3.      Increased independence:

It can be frustrating being unable to undertake tasks that were once so simple. By assisting you when you’re sitting and standing, riser recliners can enhance your independence in the home. At the simple touch of a button, you can rise to your feet from your chair with ease.

Best Mobility Recliner Chairs Guide For 2021

Types of Mobility Recliner Chairs

Our mobility recliner chairs come with the option of having one or two motors, dependent on your wants and needs. So, what’s the difference?

Single motor riser recliners:

Riser recliner chairs with one motor enable the footrest and backrest to work together in unison. This means that whilst you are reclining, your feet will be raised at the same time. This is the ideal option if you regularly use your chair for sleeping in, or if you rarely feel inclined to recline!

Best Mobility Recliner Chairs Guide For 2021

Dual motor riser recliners:

When your riser recliner has two motors, you will be able to independently move the backrest and the footrest. This gives you the option of more positions when you are relaxing in your chair. You can sit up with your feet up when you are watching the TV or eating dinner, and just recline your back when you fancy a little snooze.

Best Mobility Recliner Chairs Guide For 2021

Fabric or Leather Mobility Recliner Chairs?

This is potentially the biggest question that you consider when purchasing new furniture! Of course, both have their pros and cons, and this is something that needs weighing up.

Leather mobility recliner chairs can be easier to clean up when spillages occur (especially by the grandkids!) However, there are a wider range of fabrics available to choose from in a vast range of different colours and patterns.

One thing to consider is where your chair will be placed. Leather chairs can get particularly hot in the summer, particularly when they are placed by windows. Similarly, in the winter they can get rather cold too.

It is also worth considering that leather chairs are hypoallergenic, so are perhaps more ideal in households which contain allergy sufferers.  

Whether you choose to purchase a leather or a fabric chair, we can guarantee great quality. When making the decision, take into consideration all factors from the colour of your living room to those sometimes-pesky pets.


At The Recliner Factory, we understand that not everybody is the same shape and size. This is why our mobility recliner chairs come in a range of different shapes and sizes which suit different weights.

This means that your chair is guaranteed to be the perfect depth, height and width for you. It also means that the positions of your footrest and headrest will be perfect for you, offering you maximum comfort and support.

We always ensure that your riser recliner is the perfect height for you. This ensures that your feet aren’t hanging, reducing pressure from your knees and thighs. We also make sure that your chair is the perfect depth for you so that your back and spine are constantly supported.


If you suffer from limited balance or mobility, it is important to consider the perfect armrests for you.

Wheelchair users will find removable armrests particularly useful. By detaching the armrests, it is easier for you to transfer to and from your wheelchair and recliner.

Our upholstered armrests offer great comfort, but those who struggle to stand independently may prefer wooden arm ends. These are slightly sturdier and are therefore good to hold onto when you are rising from your chair.


We offer a number of back styles with our riser recliners, each of which can enhance your comfort.

Firm back chairs are perfect for those who suffer from back pain, as they allow you to maintain your posture. On the other hand, waterfall back chairs can offer a high level of comfort when you are relaxing.

Our Most popular Mobility Recliner Chairs:

The Malvern:

The Malvern riser recliner is our customer’s favourite. It’s buttoned back offers comfort and looks chic and stylish at the same time. Another lovely feature is the scrolled arms, which not only look great but also offer support and comfort at the same time. 

This chair is available in a wide range of leathers and fabrics, as well as in heavyweight and custom sizes too.

Riser recliners: The Malvern

The Windsor:

Another of our customer favourites is The Windsor. Again, it’s button back is contemporary and looks lovely in any lounge. This chair also offers a supportive head cushion, offering you extra comfort and support when you are relaxing. Once again, this chair is available in a wide range of fabrics, leathers and sizes to suit you.

Mobility recliner chairs guide

The Capri:

The Capri is designed with a deep padded waterfall back, offering maximum comfort and support. On top of this, it’s contemporary and stylish armrests differentiate this chair from the rest. This chair comes in a range of fabrics and leathers, so you can find the perfect one to match your living room!

Riser recliners: the Capri

Mobility Recliner Chairs Positions:

1.      Sitting:

As we have stated previously, all of our chairs are built to measure. This ensures that when you are sitting in your recliner, you will receive the maximum amount of comfort and support.

Riser recliners: arthritis

2.      Feet up:

Made to measure, the footrest on your recliner will be sized to offer maximum support to your legs and ankles. This is the perfect comfortable position for watching TV after a long day!

Riser recliners: arthritis 2

3.      Recline:

The reclining position is the perfect position to enjoy an afternoon snooze in comfort. At the touch of a button, you can go back to the sitting position whenever you feel like it too.

Riser recliners arthritis

4.      Rise:

Using a silent motor, our riser recliners will help to lift you back to your feet whenever you feel necessary. The chair will do all of the work for you, helping to relieve the strain on your arms, hips and legs. 

This is perfect for people with limited mobility, and can help to reduce the risk of falls when entering and exiting your chair.

Riser recliners: arthritis 1

Mobility Recliner Chairs Optional extras:

Our mobility recliner chairs come with an extensive range of optional extras to suit your wants and needs. This helps to make your chair more personal. 

Each of our optional accessories have been designed to help to enable you to live more independently. Here is what we offer:

Heat and massage system:

The optional in-built heat and massage system is perfect for relaxing after a long day. As well as this, it can help to temporarily relieve your aches and pains too! 

The massage system allows you to unwind and enjoy a full massage, or one which concentrates on one of five parts of your body.

Technology table:

Our technology table features a USB port, wireless charger and a reading light. This easy to use gadget means that you can charge your phone or tablet by simply swivelling the tray table towards you. 

This means you don’t have to leave your mobility recliner chairs when your gadgets run out of battery!

Riser recliners: optional technology table

Head cushion:

The addition of a head cushion can offer you extra comfort and support when you are relaxing in your recliner! Perfect for when you are watching TV or having a snooze.

Arm covers:

Our arm covers help to prevent wear and tear on the armrests of your chair. These are perfect for people who have grandchildren or pets that could scratch at your chair!

Handy side pocket:

The optional handy side pocket is the perfect place to store all of your favourite books and magazines. This means you can never get bored whilst you’re relaxing in your chair!

Best Mobility Recliner Chairs Guide For 2021

Extended footrest:

The extended footrest allows your feet, ankles and lower legs to have additional support when you are relaxing in your recliner.

Reading light:

Our in-built reading light is a popular accessory among our customers. It enables you to relax with a book or tablet without having to get out of your chair to turn a light on.

Riser recliners: reading light

USB port:

Some of our chairs come with the option of an in-built USB charger, meaning that you can charge all of your gadgets without having to leave your chair.

Storage arm:

Some of our chairs come with the option of a storage arm! This is the perfect place to store your TV remote without the chance of losing it. It also comes with a little compartment to put your cuppa in too! You’ll never need to leave your chair!

Best Mobility Recliner Chairs Guide For 2021

Why Choose The Recliner Factory:

Made to measure:

As stated before, all of our mobility recliner chairs are made to measure. This means that you are guaranteed the optimum comfort, support and relaxation with every purchase.

Expert advice:

Having been crafting and satisfying customers like yourself for over 30 years, we would certainly consider ourselves as experts in our field. 

Each of our members of staff understand the importance of your comfort and safety, and are always happy to offer you advice and help.

From the staff in our contact centre, to our product specialists, craftsmen and delivery men, we can assure you that you are in expert hands.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest possible level of customer service, which is why even when your chair has been manufactured and delivered, there will always be somebody on hand to offer you help and advice should you need it.

Satisfied customers:

"Top notch service and delivery"

Mr Jones

"Very pleased with my mobility chair. Excellent service from all"

Mrs Hines

"Very helpful and efficient. Delivery etc all exactly as promised"

Mr Paulin

5 - star riser recliners

See more of our customer’s reviews here on our TrustPilot page.

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FREE no obligation home demonstration:

We offer a FREE home demonstration service which enables you to find out everything you need to know about all of our electric recliner chairs. Our home demonstrations also allow us to find out the exact size chair that is suitable for you. 

It is non-obligatory, and we always encourage you to have a friend or family member with you to help you to feel at ease.

FREE delivery:

Our experienced two-man delivery team will deliver, install and set up your new chair free of charge. You can even choose a day that suits you for delivery and we will try our very hardest to work to this too. We can also remove any existing furniture if it is needed.  


Certain illnesses and disabilities may entitle you to a VAT exemption on our products, saving you 20%. You can find out more about this here.

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