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Come Behind The Scenes Of Our New TV Ad!

We had lots of fun filming for our new TV ad, read on to discover what went on behind the scenes…

  Come Behind The Scenes Of Our New TV Ad! Arriving early in the studio at Birmingham, we kicked the day off with a much needed coffee. After a lighting check the cast and crew were assembled for an overview of the days itinerary then it was time for us to jump straight into filming. The set-build incorporated a green screen with a selection of our recliners and our model Hannah, who did a wonderful job showing the positions available with our riser recliner chairs.

Come Behind The Scenes Of Our New TV Ad!

While Hannah spent her time relaxing in her recliner (she definitely had the best job!), we were busy recording a variety of different riser recliner positions to get the perfect shot. In post-production the footage taken at the studio with the green screen was then added to a variety of room settings to mirror what it would look like in our customers homes.   Come Behind The Scenes Of Our New TV Ad!Next it was time for one of our favourite parts- the voice over! With such distinctive shots of our products we needed a great and distinctive voice to match. There was one man that stood out for us and we are delighted to announce that Gyles Brandreth was able to join us to be the voice of our new TV ad. Gyles is a well known writer, broadcaster and regular on QI, Have I Got News For You and The One Show so it was fantastic that he was able to take time out of his busy schedule to join us.

Watch Our New TV Ad Here:

We hope you’re as pleased as we are with the end result. Keep an eye out for our new advert on the Sky Network this September. If you can’t wait that long, watch a sneak preview in the video below:

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