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The Best Chairs For People With Limited Mobility

The Best Chairs For People With Limited Mobility

Here at The Recliner Factory, we know a thing or two about the best chairs for people with limited mobility. In this blog post, we’ll share with you the many factors you should consider when finding the best chair for your needs:

Seat dimensions

Make sure that you carefully check the dimensions of the chair you are considering, so that it is suitable for your needs. A chair that is too large or small for you can actually worsen certain mobility issues. For example, if your chair is too wide your back won’t be properly supported which can worsen backaches. Similarly if your seat is too deep it will put additional pressure around your knees that can worsen circulatory problems.


As touched upon previously if you have limited mobility, it’s important to ensure that your chair provides you with the correct support in the right places. Your chair should have the right amount of padding too- it should feel soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to support you correctly.

best chairs for people with limited mobility


If you suffer from an issue that affects your mobility, you may find that you spend longer in your chair than you used to. With that in mind, the best chairs for people with limited mobility should provide you with comfort all day long. Before you buy a chair, sit on it for a good 10 minutes to determine its long-term comfort.


The fabric on your chair should feel soft, comfortable, warm and have anti-slip qualities. We would advise against materials that cause sweating, such as vinyl, as your chair can become slippery and uncomfortable. Our chairs come in a variety of breathable fabrics, ideal for people with mobility issues.

Made to measure riser-recliner chairs

Riser recliner chairs allow you to adjust your seating position throughout the day. Riser recliner chairs are ideal for people who have mobility issues as they allow you to find your perfect sitting (or snoozing!) position at the touch of a button. Riser recliner chairs also can help you in and out of your chair with ease- taking pressure from your knees and joints.

For more information on how riser recliner chairs work please click here.

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