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How a Riser Recliner Could Help Your Medical Condition (A-Z Guide)

How a Riser Recliner Could Help Your Medical Condition (A-Z Guide)

A riser recliner can be a massive help to people who have medical conditions which make sitting in a normal chair uncomfortable. A riser recliner with massage has even more benefits – helping to improve circulation while reducing reduce muscle pain and pressure points. Read on to discover how a riser recliner with built-in massage can help ease the pain symptoms of your medical condition in this useful A-Z Guide:


Symptoms: Arthritis affects around ten million people in the UK and predominantly comes in two forms: Osteoarthritis arthritis causes pain and stiffness in joints joints, rheumatoid arthritis also attacks soft tissues as well such as ligaments and tendons. 

Alleviation: Having the ability to adjust your body position in your riser recliner eliminates the pressure points, easing pain. Massage can also help to reduce pain and muscle spasms.


Symptoms: Amputations can lead to poor circulation in the affected stump. ‘Phantom’ pain experienced in limb removed usually due to a neuroma in the scar.

Alleviation: If you sit most of the day a riser recliner can be moved to help you feel more comfortable. Massage may also help to reduce sensitivity and help with phantom limb pain. 


SymptomsBronchitis refers to an infection in the lungs airways (bronchi) which causes them to be inflamed and irritated, obstructing the airways making it difficult to breathe.  

Alleviation: Vibration assists with expectoration of fluid and adjusting your posture in the recliner improves drainage making it easier to breathe.


Symptoms: Lack of mobility, variable ache and attacks of acute pain.

Alleviation: A riser recliner provides many benefits to those people affected by back pain. Having the ability to adjust your chair to a comfortable and supportive resting position can really help to reduce the pain experienced. 


Symptoms: Massive reduction in ability to breathe due to a breakdown in elasticity of lung, often combined with bronchitis.

Alleviation: Upper body elevation encourages relaxation and allows improved breathing as the diaphragm is lower.


Symptoms: Leaking ‘valve’ at top of stomach, this allows acidic gastric juice to flow up gullet. Causes severe indigestion and scarring of the gullet.

Alleviation: Raise top of body to prevent the back flow of gastric juices to gullet, giving immediate relief from discomfort and reduces risk of permanent damage to gullet.


Symptoms: A leg ulcer is a long-lasting open sore. Symptoms include pain, itching an swelling in the affected leg. 

Alleviation: Elevating legs in a riser recliner not only provides greater comfort but reduces Oedema and aids healing. Massage also helps to disperse fluids.


Symptoms: Damage to nervous system causing pain and weakness of muscles.

Alleviation: Elimination of pressure points prevents bedsores. Massage greatly improves circulation. massage can help.


Symptoms: Muscular dystrophy refers to the slow destruction of muscle. Common symptoms include slowed circulation, lack of mobility, pressure sores, fluid retention.

Alleviation: Massage assists wasted muscle and adjusting your position in your recliner helps to reduce pressure sores. Massage also helps to reduces fluid retention.


Symptoms: Rapid deterioration of muscle, circulation slowed, lack of mobility, pressure sores, fluid retention.

Alleviation: Massage and posture give general relief from multiple problems.


Symptoms: Oedema is a build up of fluid in the body leading to swollen legs and ankles.

Alleviation: Reclining in your riser recliner and raising your feet and legs helps to disperse the fluid reducing discomfort. 


Symptoms: Two limbs paralysed, pressure sores and fluid retention.

Alleviation: Massage prevents sores and the ability to adjust yourself into a more comfortable position independently improves quality of life.


Symptoms: Lack of co-ordination of message from brain to limbs, spasm or tremor.

Alleviation: Patient made more comfortable by improved posture support and use of massage to reduce muscle spasm.


Symptoms: Partial or total paralysis with involuntary muscle spasm or tremor. Partial or total paralysis of limb or limbs sometimes irritated with muscle spasm or tremor.

Alleviation: Elevated sleep position beneficial, bed movement assists entry and exit, pressure points eliminated.


Symptoms: Blood clots mainly generated in legs. Arterial thrombosis often needs legs down to assist blood flow, whereas vein thrombosis needs legs up.

Alleviation: Elevation of legs improves circulation and using massage may assist development of new veins.


Symptoms: Incompetent valves of veins, predominantly in legs causing pain.

Alleviation: Elevating legs helps to reduce the pain and pressure experienced and reduces blood pooling which causes varicose veins. Massage also improves circulation and assists in dilation of blocked vein.


Riser recliners can make a real difference to the quality of life an individual with medical conditions can enjoy. If you’d like to find out how a riser recliner could help you feel more comfortable while sat down get in touch today. Or Click here to request a free colour brochure.