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Mobility Chair Features Explained

Mobility Chair Features Explained

Once you have chosen your mobility chair, you can choose from a variety of additional mobility chair features to help enhance your experience. In this post we will share some of the useful additions you may want to add to your new mobility chair.

Mobility Chair Movement Options

All mobility chairs move in a similar way, taking you from standing to sitting in a few moments and then standing you back up again safely and easily. It’s also possible to buy mobility chairs that provide additional movement options:

  • Single motor system- Single motor mobility chairs operate the backrest and leg rest at the same time. This means that when you recline the backrest, the leg rest rises at the same time
  • Dual motor system- Dual motor mobility chairs operate from 2 independent motors, meaning the back and leg sections can be moved separately, giving you a wider choice of sitting positions
  • Tilt in Space system- This clever system allows for the entire frame of the chair to be tilted as a whole while keeping your legs and back at the same angle. This is ideal for those people who would like to move without changing the position of key parts of your body

Mobility Chair Features For Comfort

Arm rests

If you find it difficult sitting or standing, arm rests can help you control your movements more easily.

Some people find that adding wooden arm ends can make steadying themselves easier, as they allow for a firmer, more ergonomic grip than an upholstered arm.

You may also find mobility chairs with removable arms useful. Their innovative design ensures that you can  get in and out of your mobility chair easily – particularly if you use a wheelchair.

Back rests

There are a number of back styles that you can choose from for your comfort.

If you suffer from a bad back, then a firm back type helps ensure the correct posture to provide you with the support you need.

Alternatively waterfall or “pillow” back styles are softly supportive, shaping around your body, making it a very popular choice. 

Heat pad cushion

Operates as an integrated system within the backrest itself. It works together with a detachable cushion which can be placed on your legs or knees for comforting warmth.

Head cushion

A head cushion is another great feature to add to your mobility chair. They make reclining even more comfortable, especially for reading or watching television.

Mobility Chair Features For Relaxation

Reading Light

Settle down with a good book with a built-in reading lamp. It’s the perfect way to focus with the help of some target lighting.

In-built massage

You may want to add a relaxing massage system to your new mobility chair. The Recliner Factory massage unit is a superb system which allows, by finger-light controls, either a full sensual body massage or a concentrated massage on one of five specific areas of your body.

Mobility Chair Features For Safety

Mobility Chair Back Up Batteries

It is possible to incorporate a battery back-up option so you will still be able to operate your recliner in the event of a power cut.

Castor Types

All riser recliners chairs are fitted with castors as standard, however locking castors can be opted for instead for additional piece of mind.


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