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4 Problems With Cheap Imported Electric Recliner Chairs. And How We Solved Them.

Although it can be tempting to buy electric recliner chairs on the cheap, we urge you to remember this…what you save in money you could give up on in terms of the comfort, durability and style which is provided by a lovingly handcrafted British Made recliner.

Here’s 4 reasons why you should reconsider that ‘deal’ and choose The Recliner Factory instead.

1. Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

This saying is especially true with electric recliner chairs. Simply put, cheap electric recliner chairs will not stand the test of time. Infact, you could end up paying more for another replacement than you would for buying one quality product. For such an important item that you use day in and day it, its much better to enjoy nicer furniture which in the long run is cheaper than constantly replacing it.

2. Declining Reclining Comfort

While your new bargain may feel comfortable at first, you get what you pay for in terms of comfort. Cheaper recliners tend to loose their comfort quicker over time. This is largely due to the quality of the materials used such as cheaper fabrics and padding.

At the Recliner Factory we use premium quality padding in each electric recliner chair we produce, meaning you will feel comfortable no matter how long you are sat in your seat for.

Electric recliner chairs

3. Poor Quality. Poorly Made

British made products tend to be of a much better quality than cheaper imports. Here at The Recliner Factory, we have been handcrafting riser recliners in our British factory for over 25 years. During this time our experienced staff have fine tuned their skills and craftmanship, ensuring a quality finish in every recliner that we produce.

Don’t be deceived by phrases such as “wooden construction” which could simply just refer to a cheap chipboard. A recliner factory chair is made out of solid hardwood meaning you’ll know it will stand the test of time regardless of how much you use it.

4. Poor After Service & Limited Warranties

One reason why the recliner you’ve found is a bargain, is because it has a short warranty. When searching for a new electric recliner chair, we would recommend choosing a recliner that offers a 3 year warranty or higher. Also with cheaper recliners you may not be provided with an after service should anything go wrong.

Choose electric recliner chairs from The Recliner Factory instead

For a quality, reasonably priced riser recliner that will make getting in and out of your chair easier, call us today on 0800 988 2898 and find out how dealing direct means great quality and a great deal!

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