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Choosing the best recliner armchair? Take note…

A recliner armchair can be invaluable if you need assistance getting in and out of a chair. Designed for exceptional comfort and support, they can help you to sit and stand with ease, all at the simple touch of a button.

With so many recliner armchairs to choose from, how do you choose the best one for you? Read on to discover our top tips:

Single or dual motor recliner armchairs?

Choosing the right recliner armchair for your needs can make a huge difference to your day to day life.

There are two standard types of motor actions to suit your needs – single and dual motor. Whichever you choose, the mechanism operates efficiently and quietly to help you up and down with ease.

“Choosing the right motor for your chair can make a huge difference.”

What’s the difference?

Single motor recliners have the backrest and footrest moving together at the same time. So when you recline the backrest, the footrest automatically rises to support your legs.

Dual motor recliners have a backrest and footrest separately, so that you can choose to recline the backrest and raise the footrest, or stay in a sitting position and only raise the footrest. This means the chair can be reclined virtually flat allowing you to enjoy an afternoon nap from the comfort of your chair.

Picture of recliner armchair

Are there any other variations?

Tilt in Space recliner armchairs are ideal if you need extra support for your back. As the back and seat are fixed together they move with each other as you recline, perfect for spinal support and improved posture. You will also enjoy greater leg elevation than on a standard recliner action.

This makes Tilt in Space recliner armchairs perfect for those who sufferer from circulatory conditions such as swollen ankles. feet an legs.

What else is there to consider?

Recliner armchairs should come with range of accessories to make your day pass as smoothly and comfortably as possible. Recliner armchairs now come with a variety of accessories to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

“Enjoy either a full body or concentrated massage on one of five specific areas. It’s very popular.”

From a reading light for book lovers, or a built in massage system to soothe your aches and pains there is so much to choose from. That’s the beauty of dealing with The Recliner Factory– we can custom make it for you with sizing, fabric and options just to suit you – no compromise needed.

Arrange a free recliner armchair home demonstration

How to find out more

The best way to discover the benefits of the right recliner armchair, is to experience the quality for yourself – in the comfort of your own home.

A FREE home demonstration gives you the opportunity to experience the various recliner positions, browse our extensive range of fabrics and discover our selection of ingenious accessories to make your life easier – you can even enjoy a relaxing massage!

If you are experiencing difficulties getting in and out of your chair (and none of us are getting any younger), you could find that a new riser recliner will make life a lot easier. Top tip – request a free brochure first so that you can see the full range on offer.

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