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Buying a chair for a relative

Buying a chair for a relativeFREE UK DELIVERY

Buying a chair for a relativeOLD CHAIR COLLECTION

Buying a chair for a relative3 YEAR GUARANTEE

Buying a chair for a relativeVAT RELIEF SAVING

A guide to buying a riser recliner chair

Looking for a riser recliner chair for a loved one or someone you know? Buying a riser recliner chair from The Recliner Factory is hassle-free.

Making the right choice
There are so many things to consider – ‘What’s the best size?’ ‘What colours are available?’ ‘Will it be comfortable?’ And crucially, ‘How much will it cost?’ Not a decision to take lightly as making the right choice can be tricky.

Buying a chair from The Recliner Factory is a simple process. You’ll be delighted with the chair and the service we provide.

Buying a chair for a relative
Buying a chair for a relative

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We want everyone to be happy dealing with us. From the moment you begin to look at the wide range of riser recliner chairs available on this website, to having the chair installed by experts, through to any after sales support, we’re here to help you. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at our collection of customer testimonials.

We’ll always be here to help with anything regarding our riser recliner chairs.

Great customer service is essential
Our top quality riser recliners come with an equivalent level of customer service. Many customers let us know how pleased they are with the chairs and service we provided.

A free home demonstration

Our home demonstrations are the perfect way to try the reclining positions. Enjoy the quality, ease of use and comfort for yourself.
  • We encourage you and other family members or carers to be present
  • No pressure to place an order
  • We’ll demonstrate how the chairs work
  • We’ll show style options and size options
  • Ask any questions
  • We’ll explain how any chair can be tailored to suit specific requirements
  • If you and your loved one decide to order a chair, our advisor will arrange it
Buying a chair for a relative